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Learn how to ease anxiety with these 8 easy steps

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

If you have never experienced Anxiety, it can some as a surprise when you start to experience these feelings and it is natural that these feelings can arise when we are going through a change in our life, whether that be a change of circumstances, a bereavement, a change of job, the list is not exhaustive.

As an initial starter try these steps to ease your symptoms -

  1. Learn about anxiety - after all it is a natural response that we all have, we don't want it to go completely, it keeps us safe.

  2. Write down things you are worrying about, then think about what is and isn't in your control, if there is something on your list that you can't control, cross it out, it has no place in your mind.

  3. Examine your sleep and diet, we need to have a good sleep pattern and healthy diet to maintain our wellbeing, everything links together so if your sleep and diet are not good they could be impacting on your anxiety

  4. Speak to friends or family about your feelings, they may be able to help you to rationalise them.

  5. Try breathing exercises, practice these when you are not feeling anxious so that if you start feeling anxious you are prepared

  6. Take a walk in nature, notice the atmosphere and the environment around you

  7. Start journalling, write down how you are feeling, but consider what may be making you feel like that, what's going on for you at the moment.

  8. Set yourself small goals, don't try everything at once

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