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Counselling Services



  • Low mood and irritabilitility

  • Loss of Appetite

  • Feeling Angry

  • Extreme sadness

  • Feelings of guilt

  • Isolating yourself away from people

  • No motivation

Trauma Symptoms

  • intrusive thoughts

  • flashbacks

  • lack of concentration

  • feeling jumpy or startled

  • Physical symptoms, such as pounding heart, sweating

  • Nightmares


I help Adults, Children and young people to manage change when they didn't want change to happen.  Are you going through the worst experience of your life or know someone else who is? 

Have you experienced a death that you may not have been expecting? You may still be in shock, and you may also be wondering how you can ever explain the thoughts and feelings you are having to someone else, someone who won’t judge you. You may be feeling quite alone with a mixture of questions going around your mind that you cannot make sense of. If this is you, please know that I can help you and yes I know how it feels to experience a sudden unexpected death and I have a lot of experience of working with people who have been in this situation.

Sudden death can mean a number of ways that someone has died; suicide, accidental, very short illness, murder or other tragedy. Because the death is not expected  there is no time to prepare and often no time to say goodbye. This can lead to a number of symptoms which make grieving harder. I can work with you to help you to understand how you are feeling.

You may have also witnessed a traumatic death or as part of a job you do, you may be exposed to traumatic events and this may be difficult for you. You can feel safe in the knowledge that I have experience of working with emergency service personnel and am able to work with trauma in some cases using EMDR as a therapy to assist when talking therapy is not enough.

Loss doesn’t always mean a death, it could be that you have yourself been diagnosed with an illness which has changed your life, you may have been made redundant or may be getting divorced. Loss can be anything that happens that makes you feel that your life is less than it was and this can be difficult to come to terms with, through the work I have done at hospices, I have experience of working with terminally ill patients and families who are experiencing loss and are trying to adapt to a new way of living, this can be so painful. I will sit with you to navigate those thoughts and feelings

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