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10 ways to start loving yourself the way you deserve to be loved

How often do you take the time to do the things you love? Sometimes its easy to forget that we need to make time for ourselves.

We all lead busy lives, what with juggling work, families, and of course our social media accounts, its no wonder we find very little time to look after ourselves.

When did you last put yourself first? See below for some ideas to get your started -

1. Go for a walk, take your time and enjoy the view.

2. Reconnect with friends and family you may not have had 'time' to see recently

3. Book a trip to the places you want to visit

4. Book a massage, facial or another treatment you fancy

5. Meditate, you can do this on your own or join an online meditation group or even attend a class

6. Go to the Gym, or take up some form of exercise you want to do..,. swimming, running, walking club, Bike riding

7. Focus on your positives rather than negatives, note them down and when people compliment you add that to the list.

8. Learn to say no, believe me once you start its a game changer. Not only will you value yourself more others will too.

9. Accept yourself as your are...lets face it your awesome

10. Make time for yourself, turn off the media, light some candles and relax, be kind to yourself.

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