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A safe place to explore, talk and be heard

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A safe place to explore, talk and be heard

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Grief and Loss can stop us in our tracks, it can feel like we are never going to be ourselves again. Leaving us sad, isolated and confused. 

At Reaching Minds, I will sit alongside you, I will listen to you and together we will work through the pain

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Losing our own identity, the real essence of who we are can be brought on through a variety of life events. Loss of a job, retirement, change in relationships, friendship breakdowns, the list is not exhaustive. 

At Reaching Minds I will help you to explore your feelings in a safe, non judgemental environment

There are times when we just need to talk to someone, knowing that they will listen.  The benefit to counselling is that it is confidential, you are not judged. It will help you to work through your problem, giving you the space you need to think clearly. 

If you want to arrange an initial appointment please see my contact information. 

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Meet Cathy

I have been a practicing Counsellor since 2017.  I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). This is the governing body for counsellors and psychotherpists.  I follow their guidelines and agree to adhere to their framework for good practice.

I also have regular supervision as outlined by the BACP.

I have met with lots of clients who each have differing issues.  Because I have experienced counselling I know how nerve racking it can be the first time you walk through the door.  You may not have attended counselling before so it’s important for you to know what to expect. Check out the FAQ section.

When I’m not helping people, I can normally be found walking my dog Bailey…a cross Jack Russell, Corgi (Cojack), although he’s 12 now, he will probably be first to the door to greet you when you arrive for your appointment. Don't worry he is friendly and soon settles after a little fuss. 

I enjoy the simple things in life.  I find walking can be a good therapeutic way to relax and clear my mind.

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